Frequently Asked Questions – IDILVICE

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Why does it take 2-3 weeks for delivery? 

IDILVICE™ Clothing is probably unlike most other online shops you may be shopping at. We don't order from other manufacturers and fill a warehouse with items waiting to be sold, nor do we have other manufacturers drop ship items for us. We design and produce our very own clothing right here in the U.S.A. and we sell them directly to our customers. Everything you see on our site is exclusively made to order especially for you. In our own Atelier. We have full control over every aspect of manufacturing and wouldn't have it any other way. It is the most effective way to avoid unnecessary waste and be 100% sure of true ethical production practices at all times. Is it worth the 2-3 weeks delivery time? We believe so and are convinced you will too! In case you need something sooner - in time for a special occasion for example - and you've only just discovered us, you can always send an email with an inquiry of the current delivery schedule of a particular item, as it may be available to ship sooner.


2.   How can I be sure something fits me? 

Our garments are made to meet the current industry standard US sizing system. So if you are always a size Large in your tops, a size Large from our collection will most likely be fine. In any instant, or if you are between sizes, we would like to let you know that our patterns run slightly larger rather than smaller. So if you are sometimes a medium and then a large, a medium will most likely be fine for you, unless you prefer a looser fit. To be sure, you can check out our size chart where we list measurements. Most items can be custom made to your own specific measurements at no additional cost. Some require an additional cost if they deviate from our regular pattern by much. Please visit our size chart section for information on how to measure yourself and supply us with them. To find out more information please email us.


3.   Do you ship to France? 

Yes, we ship worldwide. 


4.   Do you offer a discount for several items ordered at the same time? 

You may contact us with your proposed order and in most cases we will work out a quantity deal for you.


5.   Can I pick up my item rather than have it shipped? 

Unfortunately not, but we may be able to give you a discount on shipping cost if you let us know beforehand and/or combine shipping cost for you on a couple of items. 


6.   Why don't you accept returns?

We are a small business and make all items to order. If we started accepting returns, we would not be able to offer you the same prices and we would either add to a wasteful society or would not be able to offer every customer a guaranteed unworn brand new item. In order to make sure you won't need to return your purchase we answer swiftly all of your questions, be it about the material or the fit and we even offer to make a garment to your unique measurements. So please chat with us, we are available for live chat mostly between the hours of 10:00 AM until 1:00 AM PST (San Francisco, CA, USA) or ask away in an email to us to make absolutely sure you will be happy with your order. You can also have a look at our Customer Feedback Page and read all the enthusiastic responses from our fans. We pride ourselves to be professionals and want under any circumstances to continue to receive great feedback, so we work hard for it. 


7.   You have a lot of prints on your clothing, can you print a garment for me with my own print?

No. We do not print any of our garments, we only use existing top quality silk screen prints on our clothing. 


8.   What do you mean when you say 'original print'?

The prints on our clothing are top quality officially licensed original silk screen prints.  


9.   You offer so many prints but you don't have any of my favorite icon, can I order a garment with a print of my favorite?

This may be possible. Please contact us and let us know what icon you would like on which specific garment and we will see if we can deliver it for you. 


10.  I saw a picture on the web of an item I love, but when I clicked it, it lead to an "Item not found" page. Is it really sold out and unavailable?

Possibly not. We changed our domain name a few years ago and albeit the fact that we added a lot of url redirects, some of them may have been missed. So if you ever come to the "Item Not Found" page, it does not necessarily mean that we do not have this item available to order. Please contact us with a description of that particular item and we may be able to find and offer it to you.


11.  How do I know when my item has shipped?

Once your item ships you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking number. If you have not received that email yet and would like to know where we are at with production of your item, simply email us and we will reply with an update. 


12.  What does it mean when you write limited edition?

Actually all of our items come in a limited edition. Once a particular print or fabric is sold out we are no longer able to make that particular design. In other words IDILVICE™ garments are very unique because they are never produced in large quantities and only available as long as supplies last. Some items are one of a kinds.