IDILVICE supports "Postcard Sets To Soothe Our Daily Protest Urge" March 01 2018



We support this Indiegogo campaign "Postcard Sets To Soothe Our Daily Protest Urge" and ask you to do the same! The funding goal to be met is only $850, a small price to pay for getting this project off to the press and into the mail boxes of people.

Stop fake news and spread the word of the increasingly desperate state of the 99% via these striking postcards by Carl Posey.

"The scenery is beautiful - wish you were here" postcards from the past no longer paint an accurate picture of the reality of 99% of Americans. In 2018 we have an existential crisis with homelessness at an all time high and a lack of affordable housing.

Back in 2011 some folks started a movement in New York City called "Occupy Wall Street" against corporate corruption and rising inequality, receiving global attention and spawning a surge against economic inequality. Today in 2018 we feel the need to protest daily and we are reminded of what the original protest of the new Millennium stood for and foretold us would happen if nothing was done. Not enough was done and happening it is.

Photographer Carl Posey was on location in 2011 and his captures of the Occupy Wall Street Protest portray priceless historic documentation. 

Buy postcards now.

striking postcard sets to soother your daily urge to protest by Carl Posey available to pre-order now on

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