David Bowie Uses Fashion To Express Messages of His Impending Death February 22 2016

Some time has now passed since David Bowie's death and I am wondering if his ashes have been scattered in Indonesia according to his last wishes. Heck, it's gonna take such a long time until we can get used to the fact that he is gone!

Meanwhile, I was reading a lot of articles written about Bowie and of course paid attention to the many tributes to him and his music.

When looking at the timeline of the last one and a half years of his life, I can't help but shockingly notice that Bowie sent us messages of his pending death all along, softly, smartly and oh so stylishly, but many of us were too busy to notice them. 

As a fashion label we've always believed it to be odd that people do not use fashion more frequently to communicate messages. David of course has done this all his life and he did exactly that again when he did not want to speak or was unable to speak. He opted for soft messages through fashion.

I personally can't stand the last picture of him rushing into the theater for the premier of Lazarus, looking fragile and tightly holding onto a bottle of pills. But what I noticed there was the subtle tiny little white skulls woven into his scarf (an Alexander McQueen) that night. 

david bowie last image in public at premier of lazarus musicaldavid bowie wearing skull scarf by alexander mcqueen


Sure, David probably loved skulls - there is another picture of him wearing a skull scarf a bit earlier - but the choice to wear this particular one that night in the public, designed by a fellow English men who killed himself a few years ago, cannot be a coincidence. The scarf by the way, incredibly understated and skulls almost invisible, had to have been a conscious fashion choice by David Bowie, a man who planned in every detail his exit, and he could not have missed this one detail or worn it unconsciously. But most everyone missed his message then.

 david bowie in nyc with skull scarf

Now, don't get me wrong, David was a scarf fanatic and wore them frequently, even in his Ziggy Stardust days, and the fact that he wore a scarf that night in the public might just be what he does, but focussing in on it, it was undoubtedly a message to those who looked carefully. And how genius it it that he used a fashion accessory to transmit it?


Then, while thumbing through more images from his last few months of life, there were other hints such as a sweater with a single feather embroidery, as if he wanted to remind us how delicate and precious and fragile life is. He was already certain of it.


David Bowie wearing a Alexander McQueen Sweater with a feather embroidery.

While he did not say a word, he used fashion to express himself to those who were carefully looking. So glad we did. Thank you sir!



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