Straight Outta Switzerland through New York all the way to California August 13 2015

Once you ended up on our homepage you most likely came across our new hot Banner? Well, we wanted to give you a little background story of how it all came together.

In the photo pictured is designer IDIL back in... probably 1994 or 1995, in front of an old fountain in Wollishofen Switzerland in the Canton of Zurich, from which the cows drink water when the pass coming down from their Summer up in the mountains to go inside for the Winter months (Yes, we have lots and lots of snow in the Winter). But what does this have to do with the banner? Well you see IDIL is wearing an Ice-T t-shirt as a dress. This image represents IDIL's beginnings as a designer quiet well, because it shows where her inspiration was. She loved Hip Hop and especially Ice-T. So what was she doing with those XL Mens T-Shirts? She wanted desperately to wear them but needed to do some tucking, which brings us to how she manufactured many of the t-shirts into other well, better constructed, unique garments for girls and woman.

And yes, if you have not already heard, this weekend "Staight Outta Compton" a movie about the story of another of IDIL's favorite Hip Hop bands N.W.A. is opening in the theaters nationwide, so for that special occasion, as you can see on our homepage, we have reissued some of our Hip Hop repertoire this month! 

And for the banner, we had to come up with something and what we did is take that original photograph of IDIL in her beginnings and added it to a typical Cali shot by Carl Posey. We sure hope you dig it as much as we do :D