Hillary Goes Retro IDILVICE For Her 2016 Presidential Bid! May 27 2015

Well, you could say it did not take her 20 years to catch up. Let's be clear, it took her eighteen years  ;-)  

Can we be mad though at Hillary Clinton for going Retro - IDILVICE to start off her campaign for President of the United States? It's not like she's that fashionable that she could have brought back this cool trashy trend from the 1990's when she made a run for the White House the first time around. Plus, let's not forget who her opponent was those 8 long years ago.

Either way, this trend would have hardly helped her get the votes then, but we think at this very moment she can turn it around. We'll blame it on the fact that she was courageous enough to bring trashy 1997 IDILVICE back in 2015!


Now, we won't sabotage her pursuit and bravely put a link to Hillary's Trompe L'Oeil (google it!) Tee here. While all of ours are sold out, it may be a cool thing to get this season.

Oh, we just found another IDILVICE™ version from 1997:

IDILVICE Naval Officer Zip Top - Photo by Carl Posey.