Ready For Easter Sunday's Egg Hunt March 16 2015

Thank us later for reminding you to style up and get ready for the Easter Sunday Egg Hunt. With snow blizzards still in the weather forecast it's indeed hard to believe that Easter will soon be upon us. On 4/5/15 to be exact. That is less than 3 weeks from today. Whaaat! It's ample time to focus on Spring now and what to wear when the nice weather finally comes around. Hey, don't act like it's bad thing, we all know, shopping is one of the things that makes us very, very happy :)

Now while you may not be able to jump around the shops in this cold freeze, we'd like to inform you that for you there has been created what is called the 'convenient style of shopping' which is also known as 'online shopping'. And at, during March 2015, it's totally FREE*.

So come Easter Sunday season 
there's no reason 
getting caught hunting eggs
in your old rags!

*free shipping within the U.S.A. // code: EGGHUNT // expires 3/29/15

photos by Carl Posey