The Golden Collection Inspired by California's Poppy Flowers February 08 2015

Many of our friends on the East Coast may not be aware of the beauty in the West. Some may be too busy keeping up with the Kardashian's or follow a busy work schedule in the Big Apple, like we used to do.

In the meantime, here in the West abundant vegetation is growing year round. We've seen some of the biggest trees in our lives and we can't get enough of the colorful flowers and succulents growing everywhere. A fashion designer simply cannot NOT take all this natural beauty into account when thinking about designing clothes and choosing prints. We've talked about the inspiration for our RTW Spring Summer 2015 collection before and mentioned animals especially Giraffes this season, but of course we are also completely taken in by the vegetation, the bold oak- and palm trees, the cactuses and succulents and of course all the flowers, including the lovely Eschscholzia Californica aka California Poppy. The California poppy was designated the state flower of California in 1903. Also known as the flame flower, la amapola, and copa de oro (cup of gold), the poppy grows wild throughout California. 

Having said all that, we hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do! We are deeply in love with it. Please do yourself a favor and fetch a piece of this Golden Collection before it's all gone.

Designer Idil keeping up with the Kardashian's in her own Poppy Flower Turtleneck Top. (Selfie by Idil from her Instagram page)