Oakland Zoo Giraffes Serve As 2015 Summer Collection Inspiration January 27 2015

Oh my - Aren't they beautiful?

We sure would rather see these Giraffes in their natural Savanna habitat, at the same time we are so grateful to experience these gorgeous exotic Giraffes up close at Oakland's Zoo nestled in the sun drenched hills of the San Francisco Bay Area which is blessed with the most gorgeous vegetation imaginable and of course amongst some of the tallest Palm trees.

As of late we've been crazy about animals and of course all sorts of animal prints. Giraffes being some of my personal favorites. Yes, I own the Giraffe print Converse high top sneakers and I can't wait to sport them again in the Summer. Meanwhile in the studio, the Giraffes have totally taken over and we've come up with a variety of cool items which are soon going to be available via our online shop. So, if you too are a fan of the giraffe, hold tight and don't forget to check back with us soon.