IDILVICE RTW Spring 2015 Ad Campaign January 18 2015

It's that special time of the year and we are getting ready to presenting our official IDILVICE Spring 2015 ad campaign.

That start of a fresh new vision for the whole year ahead and so shortly after we celebrated a brand new year is incredibly rewarding for designers and creatives such as us. To be up to date with the look or at least getting into that new theme - that's why the Spring ad campaign is so important and exiting - as it leads the way through and sets the tone for the whole year. The more exiting the first advertising campaign looks the more energy and ideas we have for the rest of the seasons to fill the year with goodies for our customers.

Of course I am not giving away any imagery just yet, but I thought I give you a peek at one of our Spring social media ads which are currently running on Facebook and Twitter.

And what do you think? The Leaf Print Sweatshirt Cardigan is already available to order in case you can't wait and want to be ahead of other Spring wardrobe shoppers (yes, sure this cozy cardigan will serve you right NOW!) and make absolutely sure you own this gorgeous piece before we run out of stock of this limited edition master piece.