Countdown begins December 04 2014

Like it or not, the countdown to Christmas has begun and soon we will even celebrate a brand new year. Today in the city, it was foggy and all the lights were on, as sundown started so early. It really felt like the holidays are upon us, thanks to the lovely decorations in the stores and the windows. At William Sonoma, I knew I looked at the same coffee maker that I spotted earlier this year, but today it was dressed with a gorgeous red ribbon and it surely smelled amazing in there, as they brewed and served hot chocolate. At the Body Shop they had pine cone candles burning... it was easy to start thinking about gifts and I think I might have gotten a few ideas.

...well I don't have to spell it out, as you as well, I am sure, are enjoying your own holiday preparation season, where ever you are in the world! This week at we celebrate with an extra $5 off any order. ENJOY.