Thinking About Spring 2015 November 25 2014

Sure, we get it: IT'S NOT THE RIGHT TIME. You're making last minute arrangements for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast and you're thinking about Black Friday and what gifts to get your loved ones for Christmas, at the same time making sure you are shopping local and labeled made in U.S.A. Yep, Spring could not be further from your mind. 

Meanwhile at the IDILVICE atelier, Spring sentiment is scattered all over the place!

We've just got a few shipments of our Spring prints sample yardage and - without exaggeration - we are pumped up. Spring 2015 is now all we can think about! Check out those colors ranging from pastel pinks and yellows to deep browns and steel grays on crisp whites. Well, well, we just could not hold our excitement back and had to share a sliver of Spring 2015 with you in the midst of the quiet beautiful and cold holiday season. At least we've all got something else to look forward to afterwards ;-)



Happy Thanksgiving - Happy Holidays - Enjoy!