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Women's March on Washington DC #womensmarch January 21 2017

We all here at IDILVICE - as an immigrant Swiss women owned small business operating in the United States since 1995 - today are very proud of our fellow sisters and brothers all around the world! Thank you very much for all your strong voices and for showing up to support our causes and more. You exhibited to the world how much you care about each other and how you plan to fight for your rights in the coming years. What a humble, wonderful display of grassroots movement in Washington DC today - Alicia Keys, Janelle Monáe, Madonna, Angela Davis, Maxwell and many more: Say My Name. As Janelle said: "Women gave you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and according to the Bible, it was a woman that gave you Jesus. We women can stop this at any time if we choose to." So don't you ever forget we're all Wonder Woman women and we choose freedom over fear. So proud of you.

Fall Athleisure Fashion Staple Bruce Lee Sweatshirt In Skateboard Action November 03 2016


Modeled by Valley Girl Sarah.



Your Chance to be Part of the Carl Posey x IDILVICE Collaboration! October 13 2016

Sausage Party in Style with IDILVICE! August 24 2016

Holy Frank! We've got the turtleneck top and leggings to match your Sausage Party!

That's right, do your Sausage Party in Style :) sausage party turtleneck top by idilvice and wet look leggings in copper make the perfect outfit for your sausage party



New Oversized And Extra Long Clothing April 20 2016

Here. We spilled it out: all we wanna wear is oversized and extra long clothing. Where does this come from? No sure, but we feel the itch (desire). Can't deal with cropped tops this season, even skinny jeans seam out of whack. It's not that we are out of shape, quiet the contrary, we work out more than ever. So, there is definitely something in the air... it's flowing and easy and we wanted you to be the first to know.

Check out this awesome 100% cotton turtleneck tunic featuring Clint Eastwood - just right up our alley! A bit of Wild West, California cool (we love you Clint) and a lot of comfort. 


Our Take On The Classic Turtleneck Sweater March 17 2016

What better image to feature on a turtleneck? Barbra Streisand's famous profile and long lean neck just asks to be on a turtleneck sweater, so we put it there :) 100% organic cotton knit and up to women's size 2XL makes it a go-to item in your closet. This is obviously a very limited edition and only a few Barbra Streisand turtleneck sweaters are still available.

David Bowie Uses Fashion To Express Messages of His Impending Death February 22 2016

Some time has now passed since David Bowie's death and I am wondering if his ashes have been scattered in Indonesia according to his last wishes. Heck, it's gonna take such a long time until we can get used to the fact that he is gone!

Meanwhile, I was reading a lot of articles written about Bowie and of course paid attention to the many tributes to him and his music.

When looking at the timeline of the last one and a half years of his life, I can't help but shockingly notice that Bowie sent us messages of his pending death all along, softly, smartly and oh so stylishly, but many of us were too busy to notice them. 

As a fashion label we've always believed it to be odd that people do not use fashion more frequently to communicate messages. David of course has done this all his life and he did exactly that again when he did not want to speak or was unable to speak. He opted for soft messages through fashion.

I personally can't stand the last picture of him rushing into the theater for the premier of Lazarus, looking fragile and tightly holding onto a bottle of pills. But what I noticed there was the subtle tiny little white skulls woven into his scarf (an Alexander McQueen) that night. 

david bowie last image in public at premier of lazarus musicaldavid bowie wearing skull scarf by alexander mcqueen


Sure, David probably loved skulls - there is another picture of him wearing a skull scarf a bit earlier - but the choice to wear this particular one that night in the public, designed by a fellow English men who killed himself a few years ago, cannot be a coincidence. The scarf by the way, incredibly understated and skulls almost invisible, had to have been a conscious fashion choice by David Bowie, a man who planned in every detail his exit, and he could not have missed this one detail or worn it unconsciously. But most everyone missed his message then.

 david bowie in nyc with skull scarf

Now, don't get me wrong, David was a scarf fanatic and wore them frequently, even in his Ziggy Stardust days, and the fact that he wore a scarf that night in the public might just be what he does, but focussing in on it, it was undoubtedly a message to those who looked carefully. And how genius it it that he used a fashion accessory to transmit it?


Then, while thumbing through more images from his last few months of life, there were other hints such as a sweater with a single feather embroidery, as if he wanted to remind us how delicate and precious and fragile life is. He was already certain of it.


David Bowie wearing a Alexander McQueen Sweater with a feather embroidery.

While he did not say a word, he used fashion to express himself to those who were carefully looking. So glad we did. Thank you sir!



The images in this article were gathered from the internet and some may be subject to copyright. We therefore kindly ask you to email us to let us know so we can add credit to them.

Thank you for everything David Bowie! January 12 2016

Of course unexpected, at the very start of the new year 2016 we have to accept a world without David Bowie's... Thank you for everything David Bowie!
R.I.P. You will forever remain an inspiration for IDILVICE.

Don't leave the Black Sea because of Black Friday to save on holiday shopping [seriously]. November 24 2015

Just shop online instead! On your own terms. At your own time.

Seriously. Why on earth leave the Black Sea because of Black Friday? Especially when you can have your bounty of gifts shipped free to where ever you are in the world! Yes, we ship free even to the Black Sea Region.* 

*free worldwide shipping on during 11/27 - 11/30/2015 | use code 'freeshipworldwide'

Work (Fashion Design) In Progress September 21 2015

This is what we are confronted with at times in this studio... in case you wonder... it is hot, still Summer here in Oakland but we are prepping for what's popping in Fall 2016. It's not always easy, that is for sure, but when things come together such as here, we gain confidence that it all will work out in the end :)


Misfits Skirt in Tribeca NYC - WTC Background #911 September 11 2015

The IDILVICE™ MISFITS Skirt photographed in Manhattan sometime in the nineteen nineties. The Word Trade Center Twin Towers in the background.


Carl Posey Photo Fashion Exclusive Edition August 30 2015

This is not yet totally and completely official, but since we like to give our readers and customers first chance on IDILVICE™ news and we already started designing we can let the cat out of the bag: Carl Posey Photo Fashion Collection Exclusive Edition designed by IDILVICE™ coming soon...

We will first make the pieces exclusively available for order on You can already check the very first pieces mixed in amongst the Hip Hop Collection, but Carl will have his own shop and category and the collection will be available to the wholesale trade this Fall. More infos coming soon, stay tuned!

Wyclef Jean of The Fugees by Carl Posey on a limited edition Dress designed by IDILVICE™

Remembering Elvis Presley Today & Everyday August 15 2015

In case you forgot in the midst of all the well deserved hype about Hip Hop and Straight Outta Compton, today is Elvis's death day :..( and we'll love to pay tribute to a man Straight Outta Tupelo, Mississippi.

His daughter Lisa Marie Presley participated in a candle light vigil held tonight in Graceland, Memphis along with her twin daughters (granddaughters of Elvis!)

You can read more about the celebration here

Ever since IDILVICE's release of the Elvis Presley Collection in 2002, its pieces have been sought after.

We'll forever love the King Of Rock'n' Roll! 


Straight Outta Switzerland through New York all the way to California August 13 2015

Once you ended up on our homepage you most likely came across our new hot Banner? Well, we wanted to give you a little background story of how it all came together.

In the photo pictured is designer IDIL back in... probably 1994 or 1995, in front of an old fountain in Wollishofen Switzerland in the Canton of Zurich, from which the cows drink water when the pass coming down from their Summer up in the mountains to go inside for the Winter months (Yes, we have lots and lots of snow in the Winter). But what does this have to do with the banner? Well you see IDIL is wearing an Ice-T t-shirt as a dress. This image represents IDIL's beginnings as a designer quiet well, because it shows where her inspiration was. She loved Hip Hop and especially Ice-T. So what was she doing with those XL Mens T-Shirts? She wanted desperately to wear them but needed to do some tucking, which brings us to how she manufactured many of the t-shirts into other well, better constructed, unique garments for girls and woman.

And yes, if you have not already heard, this weekend "Staight Outta Compton" a movie about the story of another of IDIL's favorite Hip Hop bands N.W.A. is opening in the theaters nationwide, so for that special occasion, as you can see on our homepage, we have reissued some of our Hip Hop repertoire this month! 

And for the banner, we had to come up with something and what we did is take that original photograph of IDIL in her beginnings and added it to a typical Cali shot by Carl Posey. We sure hope you dig it as much as we do :D


We Wish Everyone A Relaxing And Eventful Summer Holiday! July 23 2015

It's that time again: Summer!!! Definitely one of our favorite seasons. We can take some time off and maybe even visit a foreign country to broaden our horizons, recharge our batteries from a long Winter and enjoy time outdoors.

Of course you can still shop 24 hours at as our production does not slow down and some of us are here to make sure you get your favorite clothing pieces in time for that flight or even directly to your vacation destination if needed :) So relax, truly.

Happy Summer Holiday 2015!

Designer IDIL vacationing in Barcelona, Spain.

Proud Swiss Brands - Swatch & IDILVICE July 07 2015

It's so easy to miss important stuff on the internet. Duh. But how can we have missed this picture of our own designer attending the NYC Swatch Club event? IDILVICE & Swatch two very distinct Swiss brands which already have many ties together and even collaborated, it comes as no surprise - still how can we have missed it - that the Swissies hang out in the Bid Apple together. The Marquee was bursting with style and two Swiss brands were celebrated accordingly.



Hillary Goes Retro IDILVICE For Her 2016 Presidential Bid! May 27 2015

Well, you could say it did not take her 20 years to catch up. Let's be clear, it took her eighteen years  ;-)  

Can we be mad though at Hillary Clinton for going Retro - IDILVICE to start off her campaign for President of the United States? It's not like she's that fashionable that she could have brought back this cool trashy trend from the 1990's when she made a run for the White House the first time around. Plus, let's not forget who her opponent was those 8 long years ago.

Either way, this trend would have hardly helped her get the votes then, but we think at this very moment she can turn it around. We'll blame it on the fact that she was courageous enough to bring trashy 1997 IDILVICE back in 2015!


Now, we won't sabotage her pursuit and bravely put a link to Hillary's Trompe L'Oeil (google it!) Tee here. While all of ours are sold out, it may be a cool thing to get this season.

Oh, we just found another IDILVICE™ version from 1997:

IDILVICE Naval Officer Zip Top - Photo by Carl Posey.

Sporty Indeed! April 30 2015

One of the top trends of the new millennium has been and still is actually sporty couture or leisure wear - 'cause it's so modern and in tune with our new lifestyles - IDILVICE Leaf Print Satin Shorts are featured in this Sporty Style Etsy Treasury curated by Tania Zagaria, check it out for 'up to date' sporty styles. Oh, what about that funky retro stripe halter... 


Our Photographer In Front Of The Camera For Once April 21 2015

Forgive us for veering off from our usual subject, but it's not every day that we get our photographer from behind the camera to the front of it! Especially since in this case it is Mr. Posey, who is notoriously known to shy away from any spot light.
Here is the rare Instagram post, enjoy:

Carl Posey photographed by designer Idil - Photo © IDILVICE 2015

Only Seconds Left To Bid & Win This Lady Gaga Strapless Dress April 13 2015

Get This Deal Before Someone Else Does - (Don't say we didn't warn you) March 22 2015

Ready For Easter Sunday's Egg Hunt March 16 2015

Thank us later for reminding you to style up and get ready for the Easter Sunday Egg Hunt. With snow blizzards still in the weather forecast it's indeed hard to believe that Easter will soon be upon us. On 4/5/15 to be exact. That is less than 3 weeks from today. Whaaat! It's ample time to focus on Spring now and what to wear when the nice weather finally comes around. Hey, don't act like it's bad thing, we all know, shopping is one of the things that makes us very, very happy :)

Now while you may not be able to jump around the shops in this cold freeze, we'd like to inform you that for you there has been created what is called the 'convenient style of shopping' which is also known as 'online shopping'. And at, during March 2015, it's totally FREE*.

So come Easter Sunday season 
there's no reason 
getting caught hunting eggs
in your old rags!

*free shipping within the U.S.A. // code: EGGHUNT // expires 3/29/15

photos by Carl Posey

R.I.P. Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) February 27 2015

Waking up to the news that we lost one of the  greatest, noblest characters in the history of American storytelling is certainly a bummer. It's going to be a sad day and we will have to try and cheer up with some of the memories of Mr. Spock and the fabulous Leonard Nimoy. We will watch some of those Star Trek classics on video tonight and put on some of our favorite Mr. Spock clothes to carry this sad day away... R.I.P. Mr. Spock!


 Mr. Spock Peplum Skirt

The ones of you who have been following IDILVICE Fashion for a while, know that we are huge fans of Star Trek, and for years we've been designing clothes which beared the images of it's famous cool characters. Here's a quick flash back of some of those items. If you are interested in ordering one of them, let us now and we will check to see if we can make them on special order for you. For a limited time only.


.... and as Mr. Spock used to say: "Live Long And Prosper".




The Golden Collection Inspired by California's Poppy Flowers February 08 2015

Many of our friends on the East Coast may not be aware of the beauty in the West. Some may be too busy keeping up with the Kardashian's or follow a busy work schedule in the Big Apple, like we used to do.

In the meantime, here in the West abundant vegetation is growing year round. We've seen some of the biggest trees in our lives and we can't get enough of the colorful flowers and succulents growing everywhere. A fashion designer simply cannot NOT take all this natural beauty into account when thinking about designing clothes and choosing prints. We've talked about the inspiration for our RTW Spring Summer 2015 collection before and mentioned animals especially Giraffes this season, but of course we are also completely taken in by the vegetation, the bold oak- and palm trees, the cactuses and succulents and of course all the flowers, including the lovely Eschscholzia Californica aka California Poppy. The California poppy was designated the state flower of California in 1903. Also known as the flame flower, la amapola, and copa de oro (cup of gold), the poppy grows wild throughout California. 

Having said all that, we hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do! We are deeply in love with it. Please do yourself a favor and fetch a piece of this Golden Collection before it's all gone.

Designer Idil keeping up with the Kardashian's in her own Poppy Flower Turtleneck Top. (Selfie by Idil from her Instagram page)